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Color Encyclopedia of Gemstones

The Color Encyclopedia of Gemstones
Second Edition (latest edition)
by Joel E. Arem

The Color Encyclopedia of Gemstones is out of print and difficult to find. This is the second (latest) edition. This book is new in excellent condition with a perfect cover.

This book is the "bible" of gemstones and is a great reference book or coffee table book!
The book measures 9" x 11 1/4"

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Color Encyclopedia of Gemstones, Second Edition (1987 - Latest Edition)
by Joel E. Arem, PH.D., F.G.A.

Since 1977, gemologists, gem collectors, jewelers and gem dealers have relied on this acclaimed sourcebook for immediate access to essential information on gems. Now fully updated and revised, Color Enclyclopedia of Gemstones, Second Edition (1987), is the most complete and comprehensive tabulation ever available on the properties of all known gemstone species and varieties.

The Encyclopedia will direct you to concise and accurate data on a particular gemstone's physical properties, occurances, chemistry, availability, rarity and market potential. And the book's spectacular full-color photographs - over 300 in all - illustrate many gems that are depicted in no other gemstone book.

Also of special interest, and new to this edition, is a detailed analysis of color and color measurement as applied to gemstones. Here the author presents a comprehensive listing of machine-generated color measurements on a wide range of gemstone species and varieties. Machine color analysis is far more accurate than visual estimation in gemstone description, and this is the first work ever to present this kind of information.

A section on thermal properites of gems introduces you to this new and potentially useful diagnostic tool. In addition, the Encyclopedia puts at your fingertips:

  • a "mini-course" in physical geology;
  • an "at-a-glance" summary of minerals with similar structures;
  • refractive and species indices;
  • a periodic table of the elements;
  • and much more.

About the author:
Joel E. Arem received the B.S. degree in geology from Brooklyn College, and the M.A. in geology and Ph.D. in mineralogy from Harvard University. He is generally recognized as one of the world's foremost experts on colored gemstones. He is the author of four books and numerous popular and technical articles on gems, minerals and crystals. In addition, he is an award-winning jewelry designer, the first American ever to win the prestigious Tully Memorial Medal of the Gemmological Assocition of Great Britain, and for three years was president of the Accredited Gemologists Association. He is also the president of his own gemstone marketing firm.

This book is in NEW condition. It has 248 pages of in-depth gemstone information and 64 pages of full color pictures.

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