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Chromian Enstatite (variety of Enstatite)
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Chromian Enstatite

Chromian Enstatite is named for its chromium content and its relationship to Enstatite. Enstatite is named from the Greek word enstates meaning an opponent because of its high melting point.

Discovered in 2010; IMA status: Not Valid (variety of Enstatite)





Chemical Formula:

Mg2Si2O6 + Cr + Fe


Magnesium Silicate + Chromium and Iron



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Chromian Enstatite is a variety of Enstatite.
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Enstatite information page.


Chromium-bearing Enstatite

Type Locality:

Near Makatu, Taita Hills, S. Kenya

Year Discovered:


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Additional Information: (Enstatite) (Enstatite)



Chromian Enstatite is a chromium-bearing variety of Enstatite that is colored deep green by the presence of Chromium and Iron. There was a small find of this material from near Makatu, Taita Hills in southern Kenya that occurred in late 2010 and was
recently profiled in GIA's Gems & Gemology - Spring 2012 edition. Enstatite is typically known for dark and muddy brown gems but the fine green color of this unique chromium-bearing material is unlike any other Enstatite colors and quite beautiful compared to many other green gem varieties.

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