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Bowlerite is named for its source from bowling ball covers.

Discovery year unknown; IMA status: Not Valid (trade name)





Chemical Formula:

H(CO2-X-CO2)xOH (basic polyester)





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Additional Information:  (polyester)



Bowlerite is made from the c
overstock, or outter shell, of bowling balls. There are two basic types of bowling balls currently in use: polyurethane, or "urethane", and polyester, or "plastic". Polyester is the most common type used to make Bowlerite cabochons. Polyester Bowlerite is translucent, chatoyant and lightweight. It is also quite soft and can easily be scratched but scratches can easily be buffed out by hand. Despite its softness it is very tough and durable.  Bowlerite is available in many colors, shapes and sizes.

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